Urgent: Boxpark 3 is coming. Have your say!

A planning application has been submitted to build Boxpark 3, directly on Shoreditch High Street on the old Texaco/Co-op site.  The application seeks approval for a bar/restaurant, made of shipping containers, with an open garden and seating on the roof, serving up to 340 people.  Hours are from 7am to 2am (with set up and wind-down, possibly as long as 23 hours a day).  The full application can be found by clicking here.

The SCA has prepared this fact sheet based on the application and objections:  Boxpark 3.

Concerns highlighted include:

  • Middle of a highly residential area
  • Significant outdoor seating leading to noise, with seating for over 340 people
  • Operating hours early in the morning and late into the night
  • No significant soundproofing
  • Site is inappropriate given Shoreditch’s significant safety and security issues with violence, vomiting, urination, defecation, drug use and unsociable conduct late into the night.
  • Project does not diversify the night-time economy in any way, eliminates day-time retail (Co-op and Texaco) in favour of additional food and drink.

Concerned? Want to voice an opinion? Next steps?

  • Based on feedback from members, the SCA recommends that residents strongly object to the application.   Deadline is May 19th.
  • The SCA is meeting the applicant on May 13th to discuss concerns and explain objections.

Contact the SCA ASAP on sca@shoreditchcommunity.co.uk.  Planners do listen, but you have to speak up.


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