Immediate Violence:

If you see street fighting or fear an argument is going to escalate into violence then contact the Police by dialling 999


Dial 999

Anti Social Behaviour

This can take many forms:

  1. Vehicle nuisance or inappropriate use: This relates to vehicles being used in acts such as street cruising (driving up and down the street causing annoyance and bothering other road users), vehicle convoys and riding or driving on land other than a road. It also covers the misuse of go-peds, motorised skateboards and electric-propelled cycles, and the unlicensed dealing of vehicles where a person has two or more vehicles on the same road within 500 metres of each other.
  2. Rowdy or inconsiderate behaviour: This refers to general nuisance behaviour in a public place or a place to which the public has access, such as private clubs. It does not include domestic-related behaviour, harassment or public disorder which should be reported as crimes.
  3. Littering or drugs paraphernalia: This includes fly posting and discarding litter, rubbish or drugs paraphernalia in any public place.
  4. Street drinking: This relates to unlicensed drinking in public spaces, where the behaviour of the persons involved is deemed as antisocial. It also covers unplanned and spontaneous parties which encroach on the street.
  5. Prostitution-related activity: This relates to any activity involving prostitution such as loitering, displaying cards or promoting prostitution. It may also refer to activities in and around a brothel that impacts on local residents. It does not include ‘kerb-crawling’ which should be reported as a crime.
  6. Nuisance noise: This relates to all incidents of noise nuisance that do not involve residential neighbours.
  7. Begging: This covers anyone begging or asking for charitable donations in a public place, or encouraging a child to do so, without a license. Unlicensed ticket sellers at or near public transport hubs may also fall into this category.


Not an emergency?
Visit :
How to report a crime
Tweet @MetCC
Call 101

Report noise to NoiseWorks
Email asbteam@hackney.gov.uk
Call 020 8356 331

Shoreditch Medics

Night time Thurs – Sat

The night time economy in Shoreditch is supported by a medic team. Thurs, Fri, Sat

If you find someone in an unconscious state, in distress, worse for wear or injured at night time then the medics will often be a faster option than dialling 999 for an ambulance.

Most door staff in the area have a radio link to the medics team and they will assist you to get help.

The medics are highly trained and can deal with both severe and minor incidents.

Day time

At all other times dial 999 and request an ambulance

Medical support

Ask Door staff radio for help from the medic team

Ambulance required ?
Dial 999