The Shoreditch Community Association exists to promote the interests of all residents who live, and persons who work or are employed, in the Shoreditch community.  We are here to maintain and keep the Shoreditch Community vibrant, working alongside government as appropriate.

We seek to promote the long term growth of Shoreditch in a responsible and sustainable manner, working to maintain Shoreditch’s unique culture.  We are local individuals, families and businesses.

We aim to assist in maintaining good relations between all members of the community; to promote all residents’ rights and the maintenance and improvement of the area’s amenities, the services provided and the general environment; and to work with relevant local and other governmental authorities and organisations for the benefit of all residents.

Get involved with the SCA today on the “FOLLOW US!” page!  Be part of our creative community, it’s what Shoreditch is all about and why we are so passionate about it!  Sign up today!

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