Bricklayers Arms Licence Review

Hi All,

Appreciate any support you can give with the license review of the Bricklayers. We live on Rivington Street and our main issue is the rear area that they keep open until late, often after their licensing hours. Because it is such a confined space the noise can be very loud. I have attached my original review application but our main aim is :

Close rear area at 9pm in line with the front of the property (not 11pm as is currently the case)
Install suitable sound proofing to help restrict the noise from this confined space which reverberates into the rear properties
Put up signs in the rear area to ask people to respect neighbours
That the pub actively checks patrons are not singing and shouting

To help you need to click on the following link :

Half way down the page click on the link “make a representation”.

You might state public nuisance from noise and possibly harm to children from noise deprivation. I believe you also need to print and send a hard copy in the post to be accepted in the license hearing.

I have had noise pollution down several times so have some supporting evidence but as you are very local it will be a big help if you can send in supporting complaints so it does not look that only 1 family is complaining and make the case stronger. The more the better really so if you know other neighbours now is the time to get involved.

Obviously if you have other complaints please state these as i suspect it is also noisy at the front as the windows are not sound insulated. The doors are also often left open so noise will travel down Charlotte Road until quite late, not to mention people leaving. Do they have a limiter in place for sound levels of music?

If you have any questions please let me know.


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