Have you seen these signs around town? Well take a closer look because you now have the chance to have your say in whether the Hackney Parking Services and the Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) are meeting your needs.

If you live or work in the CPZ you should have already received your consultation packet.
If you have not yet received this
: Please call 020 8356 8877 or you can click here to download copies. OR there is an option to complete the questionnaire online (NOTE: the website on the flyer that tells where the packet can be downloaded does not work)

Other way to have your say:
Complete the questionnaire online, emailing consultparking@hackney.gov.uk, phone call, or arrange a meeting by calling the above number

You have until Monday 18 July to submit your consultation which includes:

  • The hours parking control applies in your zone
  • The design of your zone including the location and parking bays
  • Your views on motorcycle parking

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