Licensing & Planning


The SCA aims to support businesses which are contributing in a positive way to the long-term growth of Shoreditch.  In light of the foregoing, the SCA membership has expressed a strong opinion that the current tilt towards growth of the night-time economy is having a negative impact on residents’ and daytime businesses’ quality of life and working environment.  This tilt hampers efforts to attract responsible businesses and has a negative impact on the residents’ and daytime businesses quality of life, as a result of increased noise, environmental filth, and anti-social behaviour.

The Licencing Committee of the SCA reviews all relevant licence applications and amendments.  The SCA normally meets with applicants prior to making a recommendation, and will discuss any concerns around hours, noise and anti-social behaviour.  The committee will then make a recommendation to the SCA membership (and affiliated groups) regarding submission of representations on the application.  We also work closely with the Metropolitan Police on applications and our suggestions.  We are a live/work community so working together brings the best results.  A recommendation can be in support, neutral or opposition.

The SCA looks to the Westminster City Council Basket of Model Conditions for licences when making recommendations.  These can be found here.

While the SCA makes no pre-determination on its review of any application, the existing membership is clear about minimising the impact of the current tilt towards the growth of the night-time economy.

We urge all applicants or prospective applicants to contact the SCA as early as possible in the licence application process to discuss your needs.  We want to work together as best we can, so contact us today.

Licensing Applications

Planning Application

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