Hackney Contacts

London Borough of Hackney
Mayor:  Jules Pipe (mayor@hackney.gov.uk)
e:  info@hackney.gov.uk
p: 020 8356 3000
Address: 1 HIllman Street London E8 1DY
w:  http://www.hackney.gov.uk/

Hackney Members of Parliament:
Diane Abbott (North)
e:  chalkiasg@parliament.uk
p:  020 7219 4330

Meg Hillier (South)
e:  meghilliermp@parliament.uk
p:  020 7219 5325

Hackney Member of the Greater London Assembly:
Jennette Arnold
e:  jennette.arnold@london.gov.uk
p:  020 7983 4357

Hackney Councillors:
Afolasade Bright
e:  afolasade.bright@hackney.gov.uk

Barry Buitekant (planning and licensing)
e:  barry.buitekant@hackney.gov.uk

Jonathan McShane (environment)
e:  jonathan.mcshane@hackney.gov.uk

Ann Munn (licensing and Planning)
e:  ann.munn@hackney.gov.uk

Police: 0300 123 1212
Steve Bending (Borough Commander)
Stoke Newington Police Station
Shoreditch Police Station
Hackney Police Station

Noise Pollution/Anti-Social Behaviour
p:  020 8356 4455
e:  pollutionsupport@hackney.gov.uk
w:  http://www.hackney.gov.uk/pollution

Hackney Community Law Centre (free legal advice)
p:  020 8985 5236
Address:  8 Lower Clapton Road London E5 0PD

Licensing Applications
w:  http://www.hackney.gov.uk/licensing.htm

Planning Applications
w:  http://www.hackney.gov.uk/ep-planning-applications-485.htm

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