We’re urging all to oppose the latest grossly oversized tower in the middle of Shoreditch.  Developers want to build the Highgate Tower – a 106m, 30+ storey glass alien – on the Chariots sauna/Majestic wine site on Shoreditch High Street (application HERE).

The proposal for a comically big hotel and office tower, next door to two storey buildings and in the middle of low-rise offices and homes, will cast a shadow over much of the Shoreditch Triangle (image HERE) and dominate the area like a goliath striding across the land.  The developer’s opportunism is based on the realisation of the monstrous Goodsyard proposals.  And as usual, the CGI images deliberately minimise the full scale.

The development is so over-sized that the application ignores its Shoreditch Triangle context and has to say the “scheme will complement the tall buildings to the south of the site on the City fringe, which include the mooted development on Bishopsgate Goodsyard”..

The SCA’s Planning Committee will publish a full recommendation.  However if you’d like to object now click HERE (or e-mail  Suggested text is below. OBJECTIONS NEED TO BE SUBMITTED IMMEDIATELY.  The formal deadline is 6 August 2015 (although Hackney confirmed late objections will be accepted).

Please submit an objection today to help ensure a vibrant, diverse future for Shoreditch, not more towering luxury hotels.  And please pass this on/share in every way you can.  Follow us on Twitter at @shoreditchcomm, and get people to sign up for our email list.  Let us know how we’re doing and contact us any time at

Inevitably the City will creep towards Shoreditch.  This proposal lands on Shoreditch like the house on the Wicked Witch of the East.  Maybe that’s the idea. 

The Shoreditch Community Association

BELOW IS SAMPLE OBJECTION LANGUAGE.  PLEASE USE YOUR OWN LANGUAGE.   Individual responses carry more weight.  For example consider writing about the direct impact on you.  Be careful to say you are objecting, and include your postal address.

To:  Hackney Planning
Re:  Application 2015/2403, 201 – 207 Shoreditch High Street, Hackney, London, E1 6LG

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I write to object to the planning application for the Highgate development.  My objections are rooted in the position that a 106m tower is a monstrous over-development incompatible with this neighbourhood.  More specifically, I object on the following bases:

1. The height and massing of the proposals need to be significantly reduced to not overwhelm the site and adjacent heritage assets and conservation areas, nor blight adjacent streets and homes in shadow and darkness.  The buildings should integrate with existing heights and landmark buildings such as the Tea Building.

2. The major community benefit – the mooted public spaces – is a red herring.  I do not support occasional access to office space – as the price of the shadow from a 30 storey tower.

3. There are 10 hotels being built within a 10 minute walk of this site.  This neighbourhood does not need another luxury hotel.  This project does little to solve immediate neighbourhood problems, like truly affordable creative workspace and housing.

4. The site is in an area of significant heritage assets and surrounded by conservation areas, yet the proposed design is better suited to Canary Wharf or Hong Kong than Shoreditch and Spitalfields.  The applications require a significant rethink and dramatic improvements.

Ultimately, the proposals represent the worst type of exploitative development, shaped by short-term economics and lacking a long-term vision for Shoreditch.  Overbuilding of the Shoreditch Triangle will waste an precious asset that can’t be recovered.

If this application will be going to the Planning Sub-Committee I would like to be advised of the date.  I do not consent to the release of personally identifiable information.


Review of Alcohol License at “Pump”

Dear SCA Supporters,

For more than a year, what’s now known as “Pump” at the Texaco/Co-op site on Shoreditch High Street sought permission for a food and alcohol operation. Officially rejected – failing twice with planning and their alcohol license forcefully rejected – the venue is nevertheless open, relying on the old off-license to serve cocktails, beer and wine.

Hackney Licensing think this is wrong. Hackney Licensing initiated a review “on the basis of significant change of operation of the premises, internal changes and operations of the premises [that] are undermining the licensing objectives in particular the prevention of public nuisance.”

The SCA strongly recommends residents support the Hackney Licensing team. Below is info on how to comment. Sample language is below, but please personalize. THE STRICT DEADLINE IS 10 JULY 2015.

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

Simply email or click HERE.  An objection must be based on the 4 licensing objectives, namely:

– Prevention of crime and disorder (does the venue contribute to crime and disorder);
– Public safety;
– Prevention of public nuisance (including noise nuisance, sound leakage, smoking, people entering and leaving, etc); and/or
– Protection of children from harm (whether local children suffer harm from the negative consequences associated with the consumption of alcohol on the premises).
Subject line:  Texaco, 168/175 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6HU
Dear Licensing,

I support the review of the license at 168/175 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6HU.  I believe this license should be terminated for undermining the licensing objectives.

–  This venue is incompatible with a residential neighbourhood. Residents have report noise, increases in crowds, smells and rubbish. This venue contributes to the cumulative impact on the neighbourhood and is thus a public nuisance.

–  It is obvious this is not an “off-license”. The building is full of tables and chairs and advertises “chicken ribs burgers”.  On Twitter they describe themselves as “Bad to the bone… Will cover all things deliciously indulgent; fried chicken, ribs and doughnuts.”

– The venue is adjacent to the adjacent Shoreditch Special Policy Area, and should be terminated given the cumulative impact on crime, disorder, public nuisance and risks of undermining the SPA.

– The protection of children from harm is vital. Shoreditch is overwhelmed with drinking establishments. The very presence of the venue in this area adds to the cumulative impact, and thus puts children further at risk of harm.

I would like to be advised of the Sub-Committee date.  I do not consent to the release of personally identifiable information.


Neighbourhood Policing Information

Neighbourhood Policing in Hackney – as part of their continual drive to improve engagement with the public – have launched a new media tool called Neighbourhood Link.

It’s very simple to sign up. Simply click on the link below (or HERE) and follow the instructions to register. It takes two minutes.

The police will then send you relevant information, for example about crimes in your immediate area, upcoming police initiatives, crime prevention advice and much more.   The police also hope to use it to receive feedback in order to refine how they work.

Click HERE to sign up now:

It’s a good idea.

Development at 13-14 Appold Street

Appold Street by Liverpool Street Station is changing. Proposals are being discussed to erect a new building including new employment space, office, retail and a business hotel

Local residents are invited to a public exhibition on proposals for the site at 13-14 Appold Street, which you may find of interest.

When:  Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 March, 4.00pm to 7.00pm
Where:  Bavaria House, 13 – 14 Appold Street, London EC2A 2BN

Here is a link to the newsletter delivered to neighbours:  150305 Appold Street Newsletter.

If you have any interest in the site we urge you to attend the exhibition and leave feedback.

Shoreditch Architecture at Southbank

Following on from last year’s RIBA Open Studio, local architect Jenny Brown will be taking milk architecture & design’s Shoreditch model on a trip to the Southbank to talk about what’s happening in Shoreditch under the title “Responsible Regeneration?”.

When: Wednesday, 25 March, 6:30pm
Where: Southbank Centre

Tickets are on sale for the talk, with a drink and a great view East from the top of the Royal Festival Hall.

Yoga in the Community

There’s a new yoga class in Shoreditch, and an offer for SCA supporters!

Help along those new year’s resolutions to get fit and meet some of your local community with yoga classes right in the heart of Shoreditch.  Local yoga teacher Olivia is offering weekly classes on Tuesday evenings for £29 for classes up until the end of March!  You can check out the deal here and if you mention Shoreditch Community Association you can also take advantage of a free trial class.
Instagram: yogawitholivia

Help Shape Use of Hackney Green Space

From our friends at Hackney Council…..

Dear Partners,

We are holding an interactive immersive gallery event, where we will be showcasing the ‘white cubes’ which have been placed in parks across Shoreditch to capture the views of community and businesses about their green open space. Our aim is to facilitate businesses and communities working together to create a better vision for future use of green space. We’re calling all businesses to come and see how they can get more involved in using green space, whether it’s holding events in parks, or wanting bookable meeting spaces. We want your ideas.

The event provides the opportunity to:
– view the cube installations
– join for drinks and refreshments
– hear inspirational speakers (including ITN Project Manager from previous ‘Nike’ Park Project)
– contribute ideas, and network with other business

The event will take place on the 13th November in Lyst Studios on Hoxton Square. We look forward to seeing you then.

Please RSVP by booking a free place here: <;

All the best,


Danielle Johnson
Community Manager
Groundwork London (Hackney Office)

6 Lower Clapton Road, Hackney E5 0PD
Direct Line: 020 8510 5414
Mobile: 07906221859
Visit <;
Follow us on Twitter @GroundworkLON <;
Find us on Facebook <>

New Free Under 5s Play Session

The Shoreditch Library has just announced a new pre-school session at the Shoreditch Library.

Find a poster with all the details here:  Free Playgroup!.

“Mini Builders at Shoreditch Library.

Every Thursday during term-time we have a new pre-school play session for under 5’s and their carers. Drop-in between 11am and 12pm. Free.”

What: Under 5s play session
Where: Shoreditch Library, Hoxton Street N1 6LP
When: Every Thursday 11am to 12pm; Term-time only
Cost: Free!
Tel: 020 8356 4352