Exploitation, gangs and knife awareness for Parents and Carers

The Ben Kinsella Trust are inviting Parents and Carers to attend this FREE training course to understand the world of Gangs, knife crime and exploitation.

Parenting children and young adults is hard, the course will help you to understand the risks young people face and how to spot signs of trouble.

The FREE VIRTUAL workshop is on the 16th and 23rd of May (7pm) on zoom. Book using the link below.


What the course covers.

Week 1 – Tuesday 16th May 2023, 7-9pm

  • Introduction to the Ben Kinsella Trust
  • “Attachment” and “peer” orientation
  • Stress and how this affects brain development and behaviour of young people
  • Why some children may be vulnerable to being exploited
  • Stages and signs of exploitation
  • Free resources for parents from The Ben Kinsella Trust

Week 2 – Tuesday 21st May 2023, 7-9pm

  • What are street gangs, what do they do, how and why?
  • Language, social media, and drill music
  • The risks involved in gang lifestyles
  • County lines
  • Trauma experienced by those affected by gangs
  • Why exploited children and young adults may resist help and support
  • Building resilience within the family and community
  • Further support available for families

The workshops are hosted by The Ben Kinsella Trust and will be facilitated by Anoushka Dunic and Patrick Green.

Both workshops complement each other, and both should be attended to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Link to book this FREE Virtual training course

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