National Gardening week – plant appeal

Donate a plant/shrub.

If you have a spare, pot-bound or overgrown shrub on your terrace and you are considering throwing it out. Please donate it to the Shoreditch street plant pots.

There are lots of plant pots around the area and they have got a little bare.

Just dig a hole and drop your donation into place.

Alternatively, if you need help. please us know via the comments section below and we can send someone to collect any plants for relocation

Water street trees.

Despite the wettest March for a number of years our street trees will quickly get stressed as the summer weather arrives.

If you go on a run and have spare bottle of water please pour it down the water tube on your way home. (no hot drinks please !)

If you have a spare bucket or bottle of water please pour it away into the street planters.


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