Box Park Shoreditch – Planning deadline

BOXPARK is seeking a temporary extension to use the site for two more years.

Plans to build an additional floor have been previously approved by Hackney Council. The additional floor will be used for drinking and will double the capacity of the venue.

This time extension would make the building of the additional floor viable.

How to object – TWO planning applications – TWO councils

As Boxpark is located in both Hackney and Tower Hamlets, there are two planning applications and two opportunities to present your views. You should send each to both councils.

If enough objections are received, the applications will go to both planning committees to be decided by councillors. There will be opportunities for residents to appoint representatives to speak at each committee meeting

Hackney planning application 2023/0447

Email to:


Tower Hamlets planning application PA/23/00397/NC

Email to:


In your emails:

Reference the correct application number per council

If you are OBJECTING to the planning application, state you object

If you SUPPORT, then say you support

Include your name, address and postcode. (You do not need to live in the borough to lodge an objection, anyone can object to any planning application)

Planning history summary:

2011 – Original permission – temporary for five years

12 containers out of 55 A3 use (food and drink)

Closing time 10pm (Friday Saturday), 8pm (other days)

2012 – increase hours of operation 11pm (all days except Sunday), 10pm Sunday

2013 increase the number of food and drink units from 12 to 16 units

2015 extend temporary planning permission for additional five years from 2016 to 2021

2017 – increase the number of food and drink units from 16 to 20

2019 – extend opening hours midnight (all days except Sunday), 11pm Sunday

2020 – extend temporary planning permission for additional two years from 2021 to 2023

2021 – permission granted by Hackney Council to add an additional floor will triple the capacity of the existing bars in terms of customer space, as most of it is shown as customer seating in the plans.

A statement from the original 2011 applicant

“Boxpark Shoreditch will include a couple of unique eateries/coffee shops servicing the local community and adding to the vibrancy of the retail mix of Boxpark Shoreditch. However, there will be no licenced premises within the development.”


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