Reporting Noise

Being woken from your sleep is a common occurrence as a Shoreditch resident. We have all made reports and feel like we are not being heard by the authorities.

To try and help Hackney Council have recently launched a new noise reporting tool.

Any member of the community can make a noise complaint at any time of day or night. Your report can even be added in the days following the disturbance. The form is short and quick to complete and should shorten the amount of time you wait on a phone line.

As the Chair of Shoreditch Town Centre team commented,

“I receive good feedback from Hackneys Noise team about the number of reports they are receiving and where appropriate the action they will be taking. There is a human on the other end of the form. Report now !”

All reports help to create a bigger data picture of life in Shoreditch, problem locations and repeat noise offenders.

Report now.

Hackney Noise

You can report noise immediately or days later via this link