Be Heard on Hackney’s Licensing Policy 2023

Local councils responsible for licensing – alcohol, late night food, live music etc – are required to review their policies every few years.  Hackney will shortly – March 2023, launch a consultation on its licensing policy.

In advance we are seeking input from stakeholders.

On 8th Dec. Licensing produced guidance for the licensing committee. Which included an outline timetable to implement the revised
Policy :

● January- Draft Licensing Policy presentation to the Policy Steering
● 8 March 2023 – Draft Policy for consultation presented to the Licensing
● March to May 2023 – Consultation on the draft Licensing Policy.
● June/July 2023 – Licensing Committee recommends draft Licensing
Policy for approval by Full Council.
● June/July 2023 – Licensing Committee considers Cumulative Impact
Assessment for consultation.
● July 2023 – Full Council approves the Licensing Policy.
● 31 July 2023 – Licensing Policy comes into effect.
● September 2023 – Licensing Committee considers Cumulative Impact
Assessment to be published following public consultation.
● October 2023 – Full Council considers Cumulative Impact Assessment
to be published.

The policy will cover all areas of Hackney not just Shoreditch. But it is likely to include reference to the Shoreditch Special Policy Area

Timetable for the Review of the Statement of Licensing Policy and Cumulative Impact Assessment

Below is a link to the previous draft policy to give you a flavour of the items it is expected to cover.

2018-2023 Hackney Draft licensing policy


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