Council Hearing on Goodsyard on 10/12


We urge all to attend Hackney Council’s Planning Committee meeting tomorrow, 10 December at 18:30, to discuss the recommendation to refuse the monstrous Goodsyard scheme.

Although the Committee is unapologetic in its support of towers – for example last week approving a 30-storey Goliath on the Chariots site directly opposite the Goodsyard – it is nevertheless important to turn out for this meeting.

Hackney’s planning officer has recommended REFUSAL of the monstrous Goodsyard scheme as little more than inappropriate luxury flats, massive offices and a shopping mall.

However in a spectacularly undemocratic act, Boris Johnson has removed our councils’ authority and is scheduled to make his own decision in February, rushing before the May election which may bring a less sympathetic mayor.

Come to Hackney Town Hall on Thursday to support the council’s REFUSAL of the Bishopsgate Goodsyard plans, and send a signal to OUR mayor at the GLA that this is important.  This planning committee meeting will make the case for what’s wrong with the Goodsyard plans, and what we would expect Boris to put right!

If you need to remind yourself of the horrors visit

Council rules severely restrict the time available to actually speak.  However an appearance in numbers makes a statement in its own right, and is really important.  Please, if you have the time, come on up and support the long-term vibrant future of Shoreditch.

Date:  10 December 2015
Time:  18:30
Where:  Hackney Town Hall, Assembly Halls 1 and 2, Mare Street, London E8 1EA (entrance on Reading Lane)

The Shoreditch Community Association


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