New Booze Venue on Rivington?

We draw your attention to a new license application for more alcohol sales in the middle of Shoreditch. 22 Rivington Street, currently a small restaurant, has applied for a license allowing:

  • Supply of alcohol, on and off premises, 7 days a week 10:00am to 02:00am; and
  • Late night hot food until 02:00am, 7 days a week

This venue is in the middle of an oversaturated area, where noise and disturbance already carry on late into the night. In fact the venue is in the Shoreditch Special Policy area, which means the license should be rejected absent “exceptional circumstances”. We believe there are none.

The SCA has written to Hackney Licensing to express these concerns. We urge you to send your own representations (pro or con!) ahead of the deadline on 25 September (strictly enforced). Suggested text is below, but please use your own words if possible.  Please copy if you can.

The Shoreditch Community Association



To: Hackney Licensing (
Re: 22 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3DY

I write to object to this proposed licence for alcohol and late-night refreshment for the following reasons:

– This venue is within the Shoreditch Special Policy Area, which means that the license should be automatically refused absent “exceptional circumstances”, which do not exist.

– There are many residential properties in the immediate vicinity of the venue

– The location of the venue is in the middle of a zone that is saturated beyond breaking point with late-night drinking and party venues, attracting hordes of booze tourists every weekend causing intolerable noise, anti-social behaviour, littering and fouling of the streets. The last thing the area needs is yet another alcohol-night venue. This venue will add to the cumulative impact and existing issues of noise and disorder.

– The venue is directly adjacent to several residential properties and could become a focal point for lingering crowds, presenting issues of safety to children and noise/disorder.

– A late night alcohol off-license adds significant noise to the street, as people gather outside for all sorts of loud and unsociable conduct.

This license provides no value to the neighbourhood, tearing at the fabric of any attempt to build a long-term balanced future for Shoreditch.

I wish to be advised of the date for the Sub-Committee meeting.

(I do not consent to the release of any personally identifiable information.)


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