Review of Alcohol License at “Pump”

Dear SCA Supporters,

For more than a year, what’s now known as “Pump” at the Texaco/Co-op site on Shoreditch High Street sought permission for a food and alcohol operation. Officially rejected – failing twice with planning and their alcohol license forcefully rejected – the venue is nevertheless open, relying on the old off-license to serve cocktails, beer and wine.

Hackney Licensing think this is wrong. Hackney Licensing initiated a review “on the basis of significant change of operation of the premises, internal changes and operations of the premises [that] are undermining the licensing objectives in particular the prevention of public nuisance.”

The SCA strongly recommends residents support the Hackney Licensing team. Below is info on how to comment. Sample language is below, but please personalize. THE STRICT DEADLINE IS 10 JULY 2015.

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

Simply email or click HERE.  An objection must be based on the 4 licensing objectives, namely:

– Prevention of crime and disorder (does the venue contribute to crime and disorder);
– Public safety;
– Prevention of public nuisance (including noise nuisance, sound leakage, smoking, people entering and leaving, etc); and/or
– Protection of children from harm (whether local children suffer harm from the negative consequences associated with the consumption of alcohol on the premises).
Subject line:  Texaco, 168/175 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6HU
Dear Licensing,

I support the review of the license at 168/175 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6HU.  I believe this license should be terminated for undermining the licensing objectives.

–  This venue is incompatible with a residential neighbourhood. Residents have report noise, increases in crowds, smells and rubbish. This venue contributes to the cumulative impact on the neighbourhood and is thus a public nuisance.

–  It is obvious this is not an “off-license”. The building is full of tables and chairs and advertises “chicken ribs burgers”.  On Twitter they describe themselves as “Bad to the bone… Will cover all things deliciously indulgent; fried chicken, ribs and doughnuts.”

– The venue is adjacent to the adjacent Shoreditch Special Policy Area, and should be terminated given the cumulative impact on crime, disorder, public nuisance and risks of undermining the SPA.

– The protection of children from harm is vital. Shoreditch is overwhelmed with drinking establishments. The very presence of the venue in this area adds to the cumulative impact, and thus puts children further at risk of harm.

I would like to be advised of the Sub-Committee date.  I do not consent to the release of personally identifiable information.



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