Creative Offices? Or Deep-Fat Fryers?

Yet more office space is being converted to a fast food joint.  The latest is a burger place kicking out a small creative agency.

Read about and object TODAY here:

4 responses to “Creative Offices? Or Deep-Fat Fryers?”

  1. I’m a chef who has lived in Hackney for 20 years, still do and I have flipped many a burger. Honest Johns are a small family run business and I fully support their application.

    1. Hey Rolf – Fair enough. I’ve flipped burgers too. But if too many office spaces are converted to burger shacks, we all might as well live in a fast food mall. It’s the small, creative spaces that keep a place interesting, not a burger place for tourists and late-night revelers. We continue to strongly oppose this application, and regret that Honest Burgers has already ripped out the old office, well before the application has been decided.

    1. Perhaps Dishonest Burgers is better. Work has begun long before the application decided.

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