Rivington Street Pedestrian Zone

Hackney Council recently conducted a consultation regarding turning a portion of Rivington Street into a pedestrian only zone.  The results of the consultation and the decision to temporarily proceed can be found here:  Rivington Street.

Our observation is that the consultation was far too narrow.  The geographic reach of the consultation left out many, many residents affected by the proposal, in favour of the businesses which line the street.  We believe there will be a massive net negative impact of the loss of traffic on this street, with an already overwhelmed party street turned into nothing more than a drinking mall.  Any gains from increased pedestrian safety will be offset by drunkeness and disorder spilling further out into the neighborhood.

This is a temporary scheme, which will likely be reviewed in the next 9 months.  If you have any issues please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the right people to make your views known.

Remember, if you don’t speak up you can’t be heard!


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