Rivington Street Pedestrian Zone

Hackney Council recently conducted a consultation regarding turning a portion of Rivington Street into a pedestrian only zone.  The results of the consultation and the decision to temporarily proceed can be found here:  Rivington Street.

Our observation is that the consultation was far too narrow.  The geographic reach of the consultation left out many, many residents affected by the proposal, in favour of the businesses which line the street.  We believe there will be a massive net negative impact of the loss of traffic on this street, with an already overwhelmed party street turned into nothing more than a drinking mall.  Any gains from increased pedestrian safety will be offset by drunkeness and disorder spilling further out into the neighborhood.

This is a temporary scheme, which will likely be reviewed in the next 9 months.  If you have any issues please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the right people to make your views known.

Remember, if you don’t speak up you can’t be heard!

3 responses to “Rivington Street Pedestrian Zone”

  1. I really hope you are not opposed to reducing traffic and increasing pedestrians space in and around Shoreditch. London is crying out for policies aimed at taking away from the ever powerful motoring lobby. This is not a scheme purely motivated by licensing and should not be regarded as one purely on licensing terms. Yes I agree that the scope could be wider and it may well benefit some licensees although their trading hours and restrictions on their licence will undoubtedly restrict them from cashing in.

    1. We’d say that as a general matter the team is strongly in favour of reducing traffic. The Planning Committee has expressed this view to Hackney Council, supporting a pedestrian-only Rivington Street during normal hours. The issue here is that Rivington Street is already effectively an open-air club at night, with literally thousands of people spilling out of the bars/clubs and onto the surrounding streets. Ironically reducing traffic on this street at night gives rise to an exacerbated nuisance for the rest of the neighbourhood. On balance the late night closure of the street benefits clubs and drinkers only. That’s the thinking.

    2. Actually this scheme *was* purely motivated by licensees. They were the only businesses consulted. Pedestrian = good. Agreed. Open party zone = bad. Hope that’s not controversial. We very much support a day-time pedestrian zone.

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