URGENT – Horrible Licence App to oppose

We urge all interested parties to write to Hackney Council licensing (licensing@hackney.gov.uk) to oppose a recent licence application. THE DEADLINE IS COB OF ON 14 APRIL 2014. (Sample text is below, but it is best to use your own words.)

This application relates to J &J News at 97 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JD. This is a news agent on the last stretch of Great Eastern where it merges with Old Street. The application is to extend off-licence hours from 1:00am (Sun to Thurs) and 2:00am (Fri and Sat) to 5:00am DAILY.

The SCA Licencing Committee has concluded it must “oppose” the application in the strongest terms possible. In summary, this stretch of Old Street/Great Eastern is already HORRIBLE. Evenings are effectively a no-go zone between the Old Street tube and Shoreditch, particularly with children. Mornings look like the apocalypse swept through, with unreal amounts of rubbish, vomit, glass, defecation and drunks heading home. The extension of this licence provides no value to the neighbourhood, yet again tearing at the fabric of any attempt to build a long-term future.

We are available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have on this matter. We urge you to email the Council with your concerns.

The Shoreditch Community Association


Sample text is below but it is always best to use your own words.

Email to: licensing@hackney.gov.uk
Cc: sca@shoreditchcommunity.co.uk
Subject: J &J News at 97 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JD

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I write to oppose the application by J &J News at 97 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JD. The application is to extend off-licence hours from 1:00am (Sun to Thurs) and 2:00am (Fri and Sat) to 5:00am daily.

I oppose the application on the following grounds:

– The premises is located adjacent to the Special Policy Area covering Shoreditch, and therefore should at the outset be rejected, given the cumulative impact on crime, disorder, public nuisance, and risks undermining the SPA/saturation zones in the area.

– This stretch of Great Eastern Street/Old Street is already anchored by late night venues which cause an unbelievable impact on the street.

– The neighbourhood already has significant issues with violence, vomiting, urination, defecation, drug use and unsociable conduct late into the night, presenting real safety and security issues. For evidence of the mania please see http://goo.gl/ls5swp and http://goo.gl/wPKQnY.

– Late hours will contribute to crime and disorder and aggravate existing issues around safety.

– A late night alcohol off-licence adds significant noise to the street, as people gather outside to drink, yell, revel, urinate and defecate. Within a 150 metre radius of the property there are scores of flats and businesses who will be detrimentally affected.

– The protection of children from harm is vital. A licence until 5:00am means that people will still be on the street in the morning when children are heading to school, and adults to work. There is no benefit to the neighbourhood of this licence and only significant harm.

I can be contacted at the address below.



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