Criminal Damage – Speak Out!

Local residents have recently been experiencing criminal damage to property, which seems to be increasing.  People need to speak out!

For example a local resident has reported to the police that on the weekend of 22/23 March 2014 their car was damaged with the likely cause people jumping on the bonnet with sufficient force to force two significant dents in the upper surface of the bonnet. 

This is clearly attributable to the prevalent night time economy in the area, which is getting worse.  Hackney Licensing and the rest of the council need to bear in mind the direct cost to residents when reviewing and considering licence applications.  The Council needs to bring forward plans for additional street wardens and police support to reduce such instances.

If you’ve had enough of this, please speak out!  Call the police, write your counselor and let us know.  All the contacts you need are on our contacts page, here


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