Save the East End! We need you…

Calling all stakeholders in the East End, past, present and future!

The East End Preservation Society

Join us in trying to greater influence and shape the East End we have known and loved for generations – to preserve it for today and it’s real current and future stakeholders – it’s population and visitors.

Big business and multimillion pound developers have been railroading loose and damaging planning regulations and are eroding the built environment we all know and love and replacing it with, in the large, poorly designed unimaginative yellow brick boxes and copy cat glass monoliths of medium term life span with only a vision to maximise £ per square foot, and short term shareholder return. Planners and government agencies are complicit and Our beloved East End needs an equally powerful force to stand upto them.

Residents, Workers, Londoners and Visitors far and wide need to unite and stand up to this overwhelming force for poor change. Only together as a coherent group of number can the corporate big bucks be challenged, and better life influencing changes be made for those of us who really matter to the area.

All those interested are invited to come to the Main Hall at the Bishopsgate Institute on Wednesday 27th November at 6:30pm for the launch of The East End Preservation Society.


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