Please send us your comments on Bishopsgoods Yard mega development

One response to “Please send us your comments on Bishopsgoods Yard mega development”

  1. The swimming pool that is situated on Braithwaite Street, opposite Shoreditch (overground ) Station is in one of the historic arches, it should be reinstated and re-opened as a ‘public pool’. This facility was created after Hammerson’s took over and redeveloped Spitalfields Market, they removed the public pool facilities to make way for the corporate site that we all see today. The
    facility on Braithwaite Street was created to replace the pool removed from Spitalfields, it has been closed for the last 10 years, in the recent Goods Yard plans another shop is being recommended at his location.
    Quite simply give back the Braithwaite Street swimming pool to the public, let it be a public facility, not a private members club or another high street shop.

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