Red Dog Hoxton Square – Sunday Licence Extension – Do you agree?

Dear SCA,

I wondered if you might let the members of the SCA that Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton Square have re-applied for removing the planning condition relating to Sunday opening, something which we strongly object to. We have had a lot of problems with noise and other issues since they opened.

When they applied previously for Sunday opening, the committee gave them a year’s trial, on condition they ran the business in accordance to planning conditions, following objections from residents. However, they continued to operate in the same manner, having late night parties, opening beyond permitted hours and were served a Breach Of Conditions Notice some months ago. There have been numerous complaints from neighbours to Planning Enforcement and Noise Pollution and they have had many warnings, although problems persist. They also opened illegally for 7 months, meaning they have had a 19 month trial instead of 12.

We are very keen to have a peaceful Sunday restored to us, we feel it is very important when you live somewhere as noisy as this, so any support from members of the SCA would be extremely helpful, I think we need to have 9 objections for it to go to committee. I believe that they have not kept to their side of the deal and the application should not be granted, but in the event that the Council support it, the more objections made the more chance will we have.

I hope that we will be able to prevent this application being granted and if you could bring this to the attention of the SSCA we would be very grateful, members have supported us before over the many applications Red Dog have made and it has made a big difference.

Please contact me if you would like any more information,

Best wishes,

James T.

Here is the link to the application;


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