Hoxton Square Renewed

Hoxton Square BEFORE:

Hoxton Square AFTER:

They even put in new trashbins:

Thank you Hackney…but WILL IT LAST?

4 responses to “Hoxton Square Renewed”

  1. yes will it last – and also what happened to the raised height on the fencing to keep the nightlife out, and the new gate entrance to the bottom of Hoxton square – than the side entrances, and finally the little kiosk selling coffee’s and ice creams, with a couple of table and chairs like VIctoria Park?

  2. I’m not familiar with this area, but these pictures are quite powerful! I too, think it will last because positive change is contageous. Good work everyone!

  3. I hope it does last but as a resident of the Square I fear that the intensification of the nightlife is dominating the mixed use dynamics of Hoxton Square and pushing residents out. The bars are staying open late, applying for later licences and as a result drunk patrons are spilling out onto the square later and later. The new raised garden beds allow people to lift themselves over the fence once the gates are locked and congregate till the early hours of the morning without concern to those who live here.
    There needs to be more positive change to preserve the charm of Hoxton Square and a number of residents are trying to achieve this.

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